The school corporation also changes appearance.

CHAPTER II Forms of Discipline The teacher must avoid making these forms much of the problem of discipline. Forms necessarily evolve in the social and political environment and age of students. What matters mainly is the basis on which is designed school organization.

1. School discipline. In our public schools still almost all under the authoritarian regime barely tempered, it is very interested in the form and scope of punishments and rewards, the rankings of the students, the awarding of prizes, the methodical organization of emulation and competition. All things to replace bodily oppression, but honest educators feel the deplorable influence on education.

We must get out of this ditch. At the same time we will try to move towards new forms of school work, we will try to give the discipline an aspect which we summarize here. A. Republics children of children by adult organizations for the greater convenience of adults. «The purpose of organizing students in middle-class schools, said Pistrak is, in most cases, help teachers to maintain their authority: the swift and punishments slipping from the hands of the teacher, through «progress of civilization» and are replaced by a distribution of functions designed to maintain a certain social order. » The characteristics of this discipline are: firm authority, represented by a regulation to which all students are required strict obedience; a repressive apparatus very seriously, comparable to the governmental apparatus adults, with leaders directing the mass, a legal court and a code of sanctions.


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